Supersonic Turbulence

Above is a simulation of supersonic driven turbulence with the code Arepo. The red represents a low density isocontour and the green and blue represent high density isocontours. We see shocks and dissipation of structure to smaller scales.

Subsonic Turbulence

Above is a simulation of subsonic turbulence. Now there are no shocks, and the density varies more smoothly.

Quasi-Relativistic shock

Above is the evolution of the magnetic field turbulence in a quasi-relativistic shock as the shock front propagates towards the right. The upstream turbulence is thought to be an essential ingredient for sustaining the Fermi acceleration.

Magnetic Reconnection

Above video shows a current sheet and magnetic islands forming in a magnetic reconnection simulation.

Isolated Disk Galaxy

Above is the simulation of an isolated disk galaxy. As the galaxy evolves, it starts to fragment into filaments and form high-density structures. Stars wil be formed in those high-density regions.

Galaxy Merger

Above is a simulation of a galaxy merger. As the galaxies approach, their gas content starts to mix. The final result of this collision of galaxies will be an elliptical galaxy.

Coffee Cup Problem

Mixing of fluid stirred by a spoon (simulated by Dylan Nelson).